Singapore, land of opportunities Networking, don’t wait the time will never be just right An inviting opportunity to a rewarding avenue With a little inspiration anyone can achieve anything they believe in In every crisis lies the seed of opportunity

Singapore, land of opportunities

If you ever doubt the opportunities Singapore can offer, abolish it because the opportunities here is abundance, just look at the picture above, it paints a million dreams. Especially in real estate where Singapore is best known the safe haven for property investment and March’s sales data for new homes might break the 1,000 mark.

Networking, don’t wait the time will never be just right

Networking is essential in our industry. We hope to provide a platform where realtor friends of different agencies comes together cross-network and mind-exchange. Therefore, the more sharing the more networking, this creates a value-chain for social integration among us, fortifying better foundation for information to be exchanged and eventually to build long lasting friendship.

An inviting opportunity to a rewarding avenue

Inviting elites of our industry to our networking session where we share opportunities created for like-minded realtors. Join our sharing session, learn and reap from it.

With a little inspiration anyone can achieve anything they believe in

Our speakers are regular man just like you and me. Perhaps with a little more passion, an eveready energy, slightly above average resilience, a dash of additional knowledge and an obvious wholesome goodness of experience – hope to share their wealth by creating opportunities with what they do best at work.

In every crisis lies the seed of opportunity

A crisis is the perfect opportunity for us to learn, grow, reflect, and become better than we were before. We emphasizes on the importance of opportunity, very much and many times the missed opportunity never return. Today, with this opportunity, we reach out to realtor friends to seize the same opportunity of learning and sharing.

With all the cooling measures and policies in place, has it dampen the property scene, is the market really cooling? Are you affected? Do you think there are still opportunities for real estate salesperson? Come hear our speakers shares valuable opportunities. As the saying goes, there are two sides of a coin, we may be the avenue of opportunity you are looking for. Market properties below market prices and earn commission above market rates. Learn where the real deals are and impress clients with rare investment opportunities no others offer. Local demand are still strong but do you have what it takes to attract and convince clients?

08th Apr 2013

Our Milestones

Started with merely a million dollar private equity fund, we have grown and evolved since inception.  Over the years, we creatively sourced, structured and acquired properties not by the unit...

08th Apr 2013

Investors Network

A shot taken from one of our event, a seminar held for property investors where our Speaker, Mr Jacob Tay shares ‘where is the best place to invest now in...

08th Apr 2013
Networking pictures

Alliancing Realtors

We regularly organise gatherings to share the projects we bulk purchased creating opportunities for like-minded realtors providing them a platform to network, exchange and leverage on each other’s strength for...

08th Apr 2013
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Monetise from collaboration

Identify the right product, structuring the real deal, connecting the right partners and MONETISE from it. Capitalising on each other’s strength, we are able to make the best out of...